Philippines and China 2012

Early in 2012 Paul Tatsui planned to take his grandson, Trevor with him to the Philippines and asked us if we wanted to come along as well.  He has been traveling there for years as part of his mission to help impoverished areas by providing medicine and building schools.  He has done similar work in the past in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  After his visit to the Philippines he traveled to Vietnam and Cambodia to do similar work.  Neither of us had ever been to the Philippines and decided to go and extend our trip to include Hong Kong and mainland China.

This was our second trip to China.  We traveled there previously in 2000 but missed the Guilin area. Since we were going to be in that part of the world again it gave us a chance to finally visit this magical place.

We Love to Travel

The river winds like a blue silk ribbon, While the hills erect like green jade hairpins. -- written by Han Yu (768-824 AD)